Choosing Success presentations are free of charge to the school and the student, and include a dynamic speaker, workbooks for each student, student participation and games, prizes, and a LOT of great information! A minimum of 45 minutes is required, although a full hour is ideal.

“I think it is important that students hear this information as often as possible and from guests rather than parents and school officials. Bob Yanega is very energetic with his approach. He keeps students engaged.”

– Beth R., Counselor, Holy Name H.S.

Choosing Success in High School

Recommended for Freshman Students

Our Program for Freshman Students encourages students to “wake up and get with it”, improve their GPA before it’s too late, get involved in team/leadership opportunities, and deals with issues such as online behavior, cyberbullying, and diversity.


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Choosing Success After High School

Recommended for Sophomore Students

Our Program for Sophomore Students encourages students to start thinking about who they are as a person, what they enjoy doing, how to explore that as a career, and the need to start looking at colleges and other training programs that will enable them to be successful after high school.


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Choosing Success in College and Career

Recommended for Junior Students

Our Program for Junior Students encourages students to pursue some form of post-high school training, to begin to build their personal brand, to begin to build their network, and to learn to push through failures and setbacks. The focus is on college and career readiness.


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Choosing Success as New Adults

Recommended for Senior Students

Our Program for Senior Students encourages students to make a successful transition from “high school kid” to young adult and includes moving past prior stereotypes, adapting to college or workforce life, time management, financial discipline, and interviewing skills.


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