About Choosing Success Programs

Choosing Success Programs, presented by The 1990 Project, are designed to:

  • CONNECT high school students to the many excellent organizations and resources available in NE Ohio.
  • EQUIP high school students with the tools they need to have success in high school and beyond.
  • RETAIN NEOhio youth talent, resulting in a net “brain gain” to our region.

We accomplish this through large group, in-school presentations that are free to the school and the students, and focus on:


We see the benefit and the need in our region to boost the level of 2 and 4 year college attainment. There are an estimated 78,000 job openings in NEOhio, and according to the Brookings Institution, 74.7% of them require some type of college degree.



Encouraging students to pursue their dreams and innovations through new business startups, or to bring their creative talents to companies that are already established in NEOhio.

Skills Training

industrial weldingEven for students who are not inclined towards college, all high school students should achieve some form of post-secondary training, whether it be trade schools, apprenticeship programs, military training, technical schools, online coursework, etc. We believe that there is a “right fit” for each student, and that no two students are exactly alike!

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